STAR Tax Exemption Program

New legislation now requires all homeowners receiving a Basic STAR exemption to re-register with the New York State Tax Department in order to receive the exemption in 2014 and subsequent years. Homeowners will not have to register in order to receive their 2013 STAR exemptions and will not have to re-register every year. Based on the information provided in the registration process, the Tax Department will monitor homeowners’ eligibility in future years.

Registration started on August 19, 2013 and will continue through December 31, 2013. Click here to register.

If you don’t have STAR exemption, but would like to learn more:

Info. on The Commuter Bus In Dobbs Ferry

ImageLately I’ve been asked about the Commuter Bus in Dobbs Ferry by a few clients, so I thought I’d share.

The commuter bus is run through the Dobbs Ferry Police Dept. A shuttle bus meets a few trains in the evening at the Dobbs Ferry train and transports commuters on main roads around the Village. There is not a designated route, you just let the driver know where you’re going and get dropped at the closest stop. This is a great option if you don’t park at the station, or can’t quite be bothered to walk up the hill after a long day at work! The trains the commuter bus currently meets are as follows:

Departs GC                Arrives DF
4:35 PM                        5:07 PM
4:54                              5:37
5:41                              6:13
6:23                              6:56
7:25                              7:58
7:57                              8:30