Info. on The Commuter Bus In Dobbs Ferry

ImageLately I’ve been asked about the Commuter Bus in Dobbs Ferry by a few clients, so I thought I’d share.

The commuter bus is run through the Dobbs Ferry Police Dept. A shuttle bus meets a few trains in the evening at the Dobbs Ferry train and transports commuters on main roads around the Village. There is not a designated route, you just let the driver know where you’re going and get dropped at the closest stop. This is a great option if you don’t park at the station, or can’t quite be bothered to walk up the hill after a long day at work! The trains the commuter bus currently meets are as follows:

Departs GC                Arrives DF
4:35 PM                        5:07 PM
4:54                              5:37
5:41                              6:13
6:23                              6:56
7:25                              7:58
7:57                              8:30

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